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Blogs from this category : Science Blogs > Médecine

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo (voter pour ce site)
official blog, discusses news items and Lasik information edited by Dr. Joseph Dello Russo.
Inscrit le : 04-07-2007 - Visites : 5 - Votes : 0 (0%)
Dr. Joseph Dello Russo (voter pour ce site)
a collection of scanned patients testimonials of their experiences with Dello Russo Laser Vision, pioneers in Laser Vision Correction (Lasik).
Inscrit le : 05-07-2007 - Visites : 1 - Votes : 0 (0%)
Plante Medicinale (voter pour ce site)
Medicinal plants organized in alphabetical order.
Inscrit le : 04-10-2007 - Visites : 2 - Votes : 0 (0%)
Dr. Robert Maloney (voter pour ce site)
Real patients testimonials of Dr. Robert Maloney, famous L.A. Lasik surgeon who appeared on "Extreme Makeover" and help some of Hollywood biggest names to get rid of their eyeglasses.
Inscrit le : 11-10-2007 - Visites : 2 - Votes : 0 (0%)
Weight loss / management - Good Health Secrets (voter pour ce site)
Tips, best products, & information about good health nutrition, cancer prevention, green products, beauty, weight loss etc. Natural & healthy products, no artificial or harming chemicals, USA.
Inscrit le : 26-10-2007 - Visites : 1 - Votes : 0 (0%)
aromatherapy and essential oils (voter pour ce site)
Web site describing essential oils and theirs effects to cure diseases. Il gives an idea about the benefits of aromatherapy, for common diseases.
Inscrit le : 26-11-2008 - Visites : 2 - Votes : 0 (0%)


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