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Blogs from this category : Personal Blogs

..: A Heroin Addict's Blog: Gledwood's Drug Confessions (voter pour ce site)
Candid confessions of London-based heroin/crack cocaine addict. Includes commentary, humour, biography, Q&A + superb addictions resources links.
Inscrit le : 30-12-2006 - Visites : 71 - Votes : 0 (2900%)
ala'99 isletme business administration fun blog (voter pour ce site)
have u seen a really addictive blog? that's why.
Inscrit le : 29-03-2007 - Visites : 4 - Votes : 0 (0%)
Akaash Maharaj - Practical Idealism (voter pour ce site)
Akaash Maharaj's projects, articles, podcast, photocast, and blog serving the public good and advancing the national interest. On politics, public policy, liberalism, and foreign affairs.
Inscrit le : 04-04-2007 - Visites : 4 - Votes : 1 (100%)
Money Matters - Investment | Wealth Building | Debt Consolidation | Bankruptcy | Personal Finance (voter pour ce site)
Discusses debt consolidation, how to get help with debt management, and the different solutions available.
Inscrit le : 19-04-2007 - Visites : 1 - Votes : 0 (21500%)
Minimalist poet, minimalist lifestyle (voter pour ce site)
The day's comments and some of my published poetry. Additionally, interesting stuff I find online. View My Stats
Inscrit le : 25-04-2007 - Visites : 5 - Votes : 0 (0%)
CallCenterVeteran, CallCenterVet, FirstSource, Wachovia, Verizon, CallCenter, call center blog, recruit, Phil BPO (voter pour ce site)
CallCenterVeteran, CallCenterVet, FirstSource, Wachovia, Verizon, CallCenter, call center blog, recruit, Phil BPO
Inscrit le : 26-07-2007 - Visites : 38 - Votes : 1 (100%)
Dysfunctional Playground (voter pour ce site)
Thoughts, Rants, and general babbling. An eclectic plethora of personal postings.
Inscrit le : 19-08-2007 - Visites : 2 - Votes : 5 (80%)
this quintessence of dust (voter pour ce site)
In the year 2000, I invented the phrase "beefy showers", the use of which is spreading among television weatherpeople. Since then, nothing has happened.
Inscrit le : 07-10-2007 - Visites : 3 - Votes : 0 (0%)
Nothing Specific About MerDuriaN (voter pour ce site)
The blog about MerCury Personal Life, Internet, Technology Stuff, Blogger Tips and Make Money Online
Inscrit le : 22-10-2007 - Visites : 0 - Votes : 0 (0%) - Khayte (voter pour ce site)
A typical online journal which contains entries that has topics ranging from singing, girl stuff to my everyday life experiences, but to sum it all up, this site is where my random thoughts go. As of 9/25/07, the site now publishes sponsored entries that might be of interest.
Inscrit le : 05-01-2008 - Visites : 2 - Votes : 0 (14000%)
Buzzin’ Disgrace (voter pour ce site)
Buzzin' Disgrace a blog of angry posts about news stories that show an apalling lack of justice in todays society.
Inscrit le : 03-04-2008 - Visites : 2 - Votes : 0 (0%)
Attention All Shipping (voter pour ce site)
Grumpy but gorgeous doggy-mummy extraordinaire blogs for Britain in France.
Inscrit le : 05-07-2008 - Visites : 2 - Votes : 0 (0%)


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